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FIREPROOF is individualized nutrition and fitness coaching based on your specific needs and desires. Our mission is to coach firefighters and EMS personnel on the importance of mindset, better nutrition, and exercise, to build confidence, promote weight loss, and have more energy creating the best version of YOU for your family, your team, and your patients. Click below if you’re ready to learn more about the foundations of operating at peak performance.


The never-quit mentality is the very embodiment of LIVEFT. Live Full Time isn’t just a brand. It’s a lifestyle that says, “get off your ass and get to work!”


Whatever your mission and desires may be, if you want to build the life, the body, or the family you’ve always wanted, one thing is certain. You have to be willing to make sacrifices, work harder than the other guy, and stay focused on the desired outcome with 100 percent clarity.


LIVEFT focuses on recalibrating our clients outlook on nutrition and fitness to help those looking to improve their lives.


You aren't just a first responder - you're the warriors on the front line saving lives. The never-quit mentality is the very embodiment of Live Full Time. We help you create mental toughness, and resiliency while building FIREPROOF level confidence.


Food isn't just fuel. It's the very essence of what gives us life. Too often you eat what you can get your hands on because you never know when the next call is coming; OR, when you'll be back to the house to eat. We work with you to create better choices around food so you can eat healthier without restrictive diets and boring meal plans.


We'll help you evaluate where you are versus where you want to be. Together we'll create sustainable solutions on how to enjoy exercise, manage stress, and improve sleep. By closing these gaps, we can drastically improve both your personal and professional lives.

We work specifically with firefighters and emergency medical service providers. You put your life on the line daily so that others may live. It's crucial to ensure you are taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, to be the BEST version of yourself possible for YOU, your family, your patients, and your team!


LIVEFT focuses on recalibrating our clients outlook on nutrition and fitness to help those looking to improve their lives.

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We produce results.

Imagine this…

You’re on the second or third floor of a structure and you and a firefighter from another truck get separated from your respective crews. The interior is getting too hot and you need to get out.

You call a mayday over the radio and report the situation, visibility at near zero, looking for a window to egress from. You turn around and realize the other firefighter isn’t behind you. You find a window and break it, signaling the ground crews to your position.

You hear a PASS alarm activate and find the other firefighter just outside the bedroom you’re in. They seem conscious and alert - you ask for their name and get no response.

You lead them to the window and by this time the ground crew has a ladder in place. You place their hands on the window sill and climb down. On the ground, you notice the other firefighter isn't behind you. The ground crew can’t get them through the window due to the size and weight of the firefighter.

He doesn't make it out.

Scenarios like these are why I coach firefighters on how to develop high level mental toughness and resiliency, how to develop better choices around the foods they eat, and why physical fitness is extremely important to operate efficiently in these conditions. To ignore any of these components exposes everyone at an incident to unnecessary risk.


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